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Please Do Not Wash Clothes In The Toilet

Sign: Please do not wash clothes in the toilet

When you travel to different countries you get exposed to a whole new world of cultural differences. None are less obvious than a sign we observed in the bathroom of our $2 hotel room while hiking in Nepal.

First, you should be reminded that rural Nepal doesn’t “honor” the western toilet and, instead, is populated primarily with squat toilets or the “squatty potty” as we called it.

It’s simple in design: a porcelain-molded hole, occasionally with foot rests, either laying flush with the ground or resting on top of the surface. And as the name implies, you squat to do your “business”. There’s no bowl or tank so there’s nothing to flush per se. Instead, a bucket of water and a hand scoop are present for you to wash away your makings.

Now that you have a clear image in your mind of what a squatty potty looks like and how it operates, the question remains… How the HECK would you actually wash your clothes in there?

We don’t know either! But we CAN show you what the toilet looks like. The VERY toilet in the same bathroom where the sign, “Please do not wash clothes in the toilet” sign was present.Continue Reading

TAL006 – 12 Things We Took For Granted Living In America


Will somebody PLEASE send us a pizza!

Who knew that we’d miss so much from home? In this episode we share 12 things we didn’t realize we took for granted when we lived in the United States. And when we speak of taking things for granted we mean missing how accessible and easy it was to have whatever we want virtually on hand at any moment.

Most of these are first-world problems but, hey, we miss them none the less. So, play away!Continue Reading

TAL005 – Eat, Play, 1 Month In Bali Today

Early morning fog lifting off Lake Batur

Early morning fog lifting off Lake Batur

Holy moly time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t believe we’ve been in Bali for 1 month already and we have a TON of stuff to share with you today.

Consider this episode your catching-up show as we dish the inside scoop on: Bali living, local customs, Hindu celebrations and holidays, grocery shopping at 4 AM, problems getting a Bali drivers license, a video tour of our traditional Balinese garden villa, and our favorite photos of local life to name a few.

Now… Come and get it!Continue Reading

TrekAbout Life Now Available in iTunes and Stitcher!

Don't we look great in ink? Perhaps an illustrated adventure series is in order!

Don’t we look great in ink? Perhaps an illustrated adventure series is in order!

Ever since we had this grand idea to quit our jobs and travel the world we equally knew that we wanted to create a beautiful space to share our adventures with you. At first that meant building a website and VIP Email List to share everything.

But before today, there was just one problem… The only way you could listen to podcast episodes was by visiting the website and pressing that glorious play button.

Not anymore!

We are proud to announce you can now subscribe to our podcast on the PC, Android, Mac, iPhone, iPod, and iPad (or any platform for that matter). Using your favorite podcast subscription tools like iTunes and Stitcher you’ll automatically receive new episodes as soon as they release.Continue Reading