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[Video] How To Open And Drink Young Coconut Water In 4 Steps

Do you like coconut water? Have you ever tried it fresh from the nut?

During our time in Bali, Indonesia we become accustomed to enjoying fresh, young coconut water almost every day. It’s extremely beneficial to the body because of it’s hydrating qualities which, in the hot and humid Asian climates, is a daily concern.

When we stayed in our villa in northern Bali for 2 months we had to figure out to how open the coconuts ourselves. In this video, Len demonstrates the 4 steps he learned to open a young coconut to drink the water inside. All without losing any fingers.Continue Reading

World’s Most Expensive Coffee Made From Shit, We Drank It

Oh yes we did!

A Movie Reference

If you’ve ever seen the movie The Bucket List then you might remember Edward Cole, the character played by Jack Nicholson. An eccentric billionaire with a penchant for only the world’s finest.

In one scene, Cole explains to Carter Chambers (played by Morgan Freeman) how his intricate, suitcase, coffee brewing system works. And in this explanation Cole reveals his coffee of choice, Kopi Luwak, comes from animal poop. As it just so happens kopi luwak makes it’s home right here in Bali!

We had a chance to visit one of these luwak coffee plantations during a bike tour where we learned and photographed the following.Continue Reading

1 Week in Singapore and Visa Runs Explained

Singapore is a big, very modern city no doubt. After spending 2 months in rural Bali serenaded by roosters and wild dogs, Singapore provided some very welcomed culture shock. While Singapore pretty much has it all – ethnic neighborhoods, museums, malls, great public transportation, the second tallest ferris wheel in the world, Buddha’s tooth!, restaurants, cocktails, more malls, friends, botanic gardens, zoos, even more malls – the things we liked best were the food and the company. Here’s a little recap of our week in millionaire land, but don’t forget to check out the photos.Continue Reading

Please Do Not Wash Clothes In The Toilet

Sign: Please do not wash clothes in the toilet

When you travel to different countries you get exposed to a whole new world of cultural differences. None are less obvious than a sign we observed in the bathroom of our $2 hotel room while hiking in Nepal.

First, you should be reminded that rural Nepal doesn’t “honor” the western toilet and, instead, is populated primarily with squat toilets or the “squatty potty” as we called it.

It’s simple in design: a porcelain-molded hole, occasionally with foot rests, either laying flush with the ground or resting on top of the surface. And as the name implies, you squat to do your “business”. There’s no bowl or tank so there’s nothing to flush per se. Instead, a bucket of water and a hand scoop are present for you to wash away your makings.

Now that you have a clear image in your mind of what a squatty potty looks like and how it operates, the question remains… How the HECK would you actually wash your clothes in there?

We don’t know either! But we CAN show you what the toilet looks like. The VERY toilet in the same bathroom where the sign, “Please do not wash clothes in the toilet” sign was present.Continue Reading